What is RCA
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RCA is a connector type not following any standard. It is most commonly used with coax cables for asymmetric electronic analog and digital transfers. While it is named "RCA" in english, there are many other names in different languages describing the same device, however it is most commonly used for home audio and video applications. The color coding of the plugs enables the user to pinpoint the correct one for each channel. The sollowing table will show you the different color codings.

Audio Video
white: left analog channel yellow: Composite Video
red: right analog channel green: Component Video, Brightness (Yy)
orange: digital-audio (S/PDIF) Blau: Component Video, color differential (Pb)
black: Subwoofer or center Rot: Component Video, color differential (Pr)
Attention: RGB-signaling cables often use the same color coding as component video!