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What’s the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

The main difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is the data transfer speed. USB 2.0 offers speeds of 480 megabits per second (Mbps), while USB 3.0 offers even faster speeds of 4800 Mbps. USB 3.0 also has more bandwidth than USB 2. They also differ visually. USB 2.0 has a black or white connector in the USB port, while USB 3.0 has a blue connector. 

Can I connect a USB 2.0 device to a USB 3.0 port?

Yes, USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2. USB 3.0 devices can also be used with USB 2.0 ports, but note that it works with USB 2.0 speed and functionality.


Why can’t I copy large files to my USB flash drive?

It is very likely that your USB stick uses the Fat32 file system. The file size limit for drives running Fat32 is 4GB. If you constantly use files larger than 4GB, it is recommended to format USB sticks with file formats that limit 4GB.

How much data can a USB flash drive hold?

This depends on the storage capacity of the USB drive. At the time of writing this article, the maximum capacity is 2TB. It is important to note that USB drives have less available storage space than advertised. This is because the drive’s software and file system takes up little disk space.

Is the USB flash drive reliable?

Yes, USB drives are reliable, especially if you buy them from a reputable manufacturer. USB drives generally have no moving parts and do not require a stable power supply, so they are not easily damaged. This means most products are shockproof and waterproof.

What is the shipping way for my order ?

Normally we use express courier such DHL,UPS,FedEx for all the shipments. For those remote areas that couriers have no service for, we will change to normal post service.

How long does a USB flash drive last?

The lifespan of a USB drive is not measured in years, but in write cycles, which range from 10,000 to 100,000 depending on the technology used. If you save the file and don’t use the USB for 20 years (assuming conditions), the drive should still be able to use the entire file

Can my USB flash drive be used on any computer?

Yes, USB flash drives are compatible with any computer that has a USB port.

Can I put my LOGO or brand on a USB drive?

Yes, we can make your LOGO on any USB drive no matter what materials it is made from. LOGO can be made by silk screen printing, laser engraving or hot stamping(for product made of leather).

Can I use a flash drive on my phone?

Yes, you can connect a USB flash drive to your phone with our OTG USB which has Micro USB , Type-c or lightning connector.  but for normal USB you will need a USB adapter. For Android phones with micro USB ports, you need a USB OTG (“On the Go”). Cable with a micro-USB male connector on one end and a full-size female USB connector on the other end. For Android phones with USB-C ports, you need a USB Type-C male to USB Type-A female connector. If you have a USB-C flash drive, you can plug it directly into your phone. For iPhone, you need a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.

How long is the warranty for the USB drive?

Normally we provide one year warranty for the products

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