USB Memory Chip Price Update

USB2.0Chip Photo4GB8GB16GB32GB64GB128GB
Normal UDP$0.99$1.13$1.41$1.69$1.97$3.10
Micro UDP$1.13$1.27$1.55$1.69$2.11
Micro UDP Android$1.41$1.69$1.97$2.25
Micro UDP Type-C$1.55$1.83$2.11$2.39$4.51
COB Chip$0.85$0.99$1.27$1.69$1.97$2.82
COB Metal$0.85$0.99$1.27$1.69$1.97$2.82
COB OTG Android$0.99$1.13$1.41$1.83$2.11
COB OTG Type-C$0.99$1.13$1.41$1.83$2.11
USB3.0Chip Photo8GB16GB32GB64GB128GB256GB
UDP 3.0$2.25$2.25$2.25$2.68$5.63$12.25
Micro UDP 3.0$2.25$2.68$5.63
Micro UDP 3.0 Type-C$2.54$2.54$2.96$5.77$12.68
COB Chip 3.0$1.69$1.83$2.25$2.68$4.51$9.30
COB Metal 3.0$1.83$1.90$2.25$2.68$4.51$9.30
Micro SD Card


  1. Price is EXW Shenzhen in bulk pack
  2. Price is qouted for real and full memory capacity.
  3. MOQ 1000PCS
  4. Chip price changes frequently,contact us before placing order.

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